Hello everyone! If you have taken the time to visit this page then you must want to know something about me. I am a young woman of 62, happy of heart and spirit. After living in North Idaho for 20 years, my husband moved and now reside in Florence, OR. I must say the difference is not as pleasant as I had hoped for. However, it is better than the long months of snow and cold.
My education is in art and medicine and I atteneded
Western College in Carson City NV.

On this page though I will tell you about my art. I have had lessons, of one kind or another, from my renowned artist Grandmother my entire life. She is the grounding force in what and how I create today. My Nan passed away September 2009 at the age of 104 years of age. She was still strong of mind and told me stories of all things good.
My Inspiration for beading came from a wonderful Athabaskan couple that lived near Fairbanks, AK. They are both on the other side now, but I know they smile down at me from time to time. The lessons learned from my Nan and my adopted grandparents will forever be with me.
The lessons of art, the lessons of life.

Over the past 50 years my bead art has taken me places and has allowed me to meet some of the nicest people. In selling, teaching, or writing books and articles about beading I have found a wealth of friendship. People ask how I can create in this small tedious art form. I simply tell them, I am beading all of the time. In my mind, in my heart, in my dreams. Beading for me is as breathing. I have been fortunate to have over 400 articles published in an array of magazines and books. I have taught beading in all of the western states in the US and in Canada and Mexico. I have been honored at Powwow from Alaska, the Northwest and the Southwest for my beading and traditional arts. My contemporary Huichol beading has also been acknowledge through the tribes in Mexico even asking for my recipe for the bees wax I use. My accomplishments have gained me a humble and sharing heart and I a always available to help others.
My eyes are getting older, I have trouble with my beading hand and I am sharing my body with lupus but I will be beading to the end
Update 2014

Since I last wrote this lupus has taken a toll on my ability to create bead art. A sad thing for me. However, I have ventured back to the art of painting. After a lifetime I am relearning the techniques that my beloved Nan taught me as a child. Just a new adventure for me.

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